Outreach activities

Outreach activities

Since its inception, EBRI has been actively involved in the dissemination of scientific knowledge and outreach activities to children, students and the general public, especially in neuroscience.

Among its various activities, EBRI organizes seminars in schools on various topics in the field of neuroscience; organizes visits to its laboratories for high school students and participates in the organization of the ‘Neuroscience Olympics’ in the Lazio Region. The Institute also plans numerous initiatives in meeting places for young people, such as pubs and book stores, and participates in events aimed at disseminating scientific knowledge to the general public, such as Pint of Science, Brain Awareness Week, and The European Researcher’ Night.

EBRI has also published, in collaboration with the Italian Senate, a graphic booklet on the life of Rita Levi-Montalcini entitled “Rita Levi-Montalcini: a pioneer in neuroscience”. The story is based on Levi-Montalcini’s autobiography ‘In Praise of Imperfection’ and on recollections from researchers who have worked with her. The booklet is distributed free of charge in schools that host seminars or other scientific events.

The Institute also carries out activities to raise public awareness of neurodegenerative diseases: for the 2019 World Alzheimer’s Day, a short film was produced on agnosia, a neuropsychological disorder whereby patients are unable to recognize and identify objects, persons or sounds (Agnosis Collection: what does it feel like when objects no longer make sense?)

Winner of the Eureka public call 2020-2022 with the project entitled ‘Il sogno di Rita. Rita Levi-Montalcini racconta le neuroscienze’, EBRI with this 3-year project will lead adults and children on a ‘journey’ inside the human brain on to explore questions related to memory.

Among the initiatives developed by the institute, a partnership has been established with the Italian Volleyball Federation (FIPAV), to organize events that embrace sport and research, two fields that share many values: competition and collaboration, loyalty, team spirit, resilience, dedication, perseverance and commitment.