EBRI is partner of the Nush R 1470 project

EBRI is partner of the Nush R 1470 project: “Wearable technology for at home rehabilitation”, an European Eureka project (2022-2024) coordinated by Magnes AG (CHE) with the aim of developing a wearable, at-home gait rehabilitation system. Magnes, a technology spinoff from the Multi-Scale Robotics Lab of ETH Zurich, was selected by Roche (2021) as a high-tech startup partner to provide digital biomarker solutions for clinical research, among the top 3 Swiss AI companies nominated for the Swiss AI Award 2021. Partner is Deep Blue, a research and consultancy Italian SME. The Nushu system has been developed as a technology platform that can be applied to different fields, especially for population over the age of 65 with a focus on subjects with neurological disorders. It will improve exercise and a healthy living style while monitoring early detection of problems. The system is based on smart shoes with integrated sensors and real-time processing, providing immediate feedback to patients. The collected data is processed using AI-powered algorithms to objectively assess walking patterns and monitor patients' progress.
EBRI, primarily through the Genomics and Bioinformatics Facilities, aims to follow clinical activities with data collection in close collaboration with clinics to improve the rehabilitation methods. Furthermore, we will work at developing advanced technological solutions based on neural simulations and applying artificial Intelligence in the neuroscience sector, including mining and modeling big data repositories from clinical institutions in the neurological field.

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